PHIL-FOTO: Blog en-us (C) PHIL-FOTO (PHIL-FOTO) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT PHIL-FOTO: Blog 120 120 Motif PHIL-FOTOPHIL-FOTOPHIL-FOTO LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY Throughout this gnarly journey of life, experiences have raised perceptions to see things in different forms of light. Inspiration derives from the complexity of this world - leading back to the path of simplicity by balance. Blessed to be a father, I'm brought back to my childhood - which has erupted a vision of purity by the innocence of my beautiful little princess. Thus leading my eye now, to focus on God's perfect creations through the lens of my camera.
OneLove - Peace & Happiness
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